We Grew Wings- March 2012 Update

Let the countdown begin! We are less than 100 days from our World Premiere showing of We Grew Wings at the Oregon Bach Festival in Eugene. Did you see Ken Goe’s article on Oregon Live??


It is not too late to contribute to the film! We have reached $120,000 of our $200,000 goal. Truly, without your help we wouldn’t be here, but we need a little more help to reach the finish line. If you have put off making your tax-deductible donation, please don’t put it off any longer. For Nike employees, your gifts will be matched when you donate through the Nike Global Giving WE Campaign.


The month of March was busier than ever, and full of wonderful surprises!

  • We filmed Grace Bakari, Melissa Gergel, Tom Heinonen, Mark Stream, and Vin Lananna.
  • We found CBS footage of the 1985 meet, which the NCAA didn’t even know they had! (Thank you, Ross Warren, Leann’s dad, for a beta tape of the meet.)
  • Nike Archives provided excellent images of athletes from the 1985 team, and we found other good photos in the UO Archives.
  • A wonderful grandfather in Ashland ordered a “Women of Oregon” shirt for his granddaughter.
  • All of the members of the 1985 team will join us for our last weekend of filming at the Pepsi Meet in Eugene on April 7th.
  • Stephen Oliver, former Oregon Duck Class of ’09, has joined our team. He is writing for many of the publications you will see in the next several months, organizing for events in Portland, and booking theaters for July.
  • Sarah Porter and Cally Deal are working on preparations for the ‘Thank you to our Donors’ Event at the Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum on June 28th and the World Premiere at the McDonald Theater on June 30th.
  • Mitzi Ing, our MBA Sports Marketing Intern, is managing both the Facebook and Twitter (@WeGrewWings) accounts. Check them out to snatch up the free swag she is giving away.


Exciting Upcoming Events:

April 7th – Pepsi Meet at Hayward Field and the reunion of the 1985 Championship team

April 19th – Portland Track Festival 20-min Preview

May 12th – 5K Girls Run the World – Girls, Inc. invited us to be a part of this race with them, to support…

May 22nd – Screening of the 20-minute excerpt piece at Nike, 4pm in Pre Hall, Eugene Auditorium


Thank you for your continued support!!


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